Why there is white spots in finger nails

White spots on nails are very common, everyone at some point in their lives experience them. These spots tell you about a few different scenarios, because the different patterns of white spots may be symptomatic of different situations or conditions in your body, but the underlying theme is that your body is trying to tell you that you are not healthy. It's essential to know the causes and take respective measures to treat them.

But the question is, what causes them?  So today, we present you some of the common causes of white spots on the nails.

Nail Injuries

White spots can be caused by nail injuries, forming very think lines or disperse spots called leukonychia. This can come from an injury or damage at the nail base, resulting in the appeareance of these spots.

Allergic Reactions

Nail polishes, nail glue, and other chemicals can be in contact with your nails very often, and sometimes, some people might be very sensible to these components and develop an allergic reaction causing the white spots to appear. 


Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is necessary in your organism. One of the many manifestations of its lack is precisely white spots on the nails. Which can be solved easily with a few modifications on the person’s everyday diet.

Protein Deficiency

Another deficiency that can manifest itself with white spots on your nails is protein deficiency. This specifically forms horizontal linea across the nail bed (Muehrcke's lines). They tend to disappear once the nutritional problem is solved.

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency can also be reflected as white spots on your nails. This can be treated by adding foods high in calcium such as fruits or dairy. Or even usinf nail products that include calcium in their composition.

Fungal Superficial Onychomycosis

This can also appear on your toenails. Fungi are the ones causing the white spots on the nails. The infection begins with flaky nails that then become thick. If not treated, nails can even split, which is significantly painful. Fungi can be identified by your physician.

The treatment for this is both oral and topical. Healing in less than four months, in most cases.

Other Diseases

Other, more serious diseases can present themselves with these spots on the nails. This is why it is strongly recommended to visit your physician if they appear. These include: Liver diseases such as hepatitis or cirrhosis, kidney diseases with white or pink nails, anemia with pale skin and nails, or even heart  or lung diseases in which the shape of the nails is completely altered, and other problems that can put life at risk.