Why Do People Procrastinate



what is procrastination?


The term procrastination may be simple but literally procrastination is a complicated state or part of human psychology.  Have you ever felt “Let’s do it tomorrow or later”? If you have ever felt in this way then you should know that this is also a sign of procrastination. Procrastination is a state or art of ignoring assigned work because of psychological tendency or few other reasons.


Lots of research has been conducted on procrastination and it has shown that there are several types of procrastination within human psychology. In this article, you will learn about why you keep on procrastinating and some of the effective and easy steps that can help you to be away from it. The types of human procrastination and steps to keep it away are briefly discussed below:


Types of procrastination


  1.  Anxious procrastination
  2.  Fun procrastination
  3. Avoider procrastination (fear procrastinator)
  4.  Perfectionist procrastination
  5. Thrill seeker

There are still many types of procrastination in human psychology but the types listed above are the major ones. It is really bad for your personal and professional life. You must get rid of it as it is hard but not impossible.

Some of the points are listed below to avoid procrastination from your brain or psychology:

  •  Concentrate on beginning, instead of wrapping up.
  •  Make a schedule.
  •  Separate a long venture into short undertakings.
  •  Feel comfortable with your work.
  • Try not to put an excess stress and pressure on yourself.
  • Offer yourself some rest or break for a certain period of time.


Top five supreme reasons why people procrastinate 


 It is nature of human that they just love to perform the job which is easy and interesting. But everything does not remain same. Sometimes we may have to perform a hard and difficult task. There are many people who are assigned to difficult and boring works and they usually love to keep their work pending and they keep on procrastinating. Some of the major reasons for procrastination are discussed below:


1. Lack of Concentration: 

Concentration is the major effective factor that directs human psychology to procrastinate on his/her work. If you are lacking concentration, you may not be able to focus on your work and you will feel hard to carry it out. If you lack concentration you will experience your work as your headache so concentration and focus are required to avoid procrastination. For example: If you have to finish your homework in time but if your concentration is on the TV where your favorite show is going on then you might procrastinate to do your homework later and keep it pending for tomorrow. If your concentration is not in your work then you might even feel lazy and you start to procrastinate. So in this way, lack of concentration invites procrastination in human nature.

2. Lack of Interest: 

 As we all know about human nature that human loves to deal with or play with interesting work. For example, your interest invites attention and concentration on your work. Once you lose interest to do a certain task it is sure that you will procrastinate to complete it on time.

3. People procrastinate to complete both hard work and boring work:

 Assume if you are given very hard work to do that needs to be completed within half an hour, what will you think? Simply you will try to ignore its importance and limitation as it is hard and you will put it for next time or post pond it. And what about boring? I want you to think about it? Take your time. I am sure you will keep on ignoring because neither you will have any concentration nor interest in it.  Strange but true humans do procrastinate to perform all sorts of work unless that work is easy and interesting.

4.  Lack of self-confidence:

  Not always but sometimes people may lose attention from their work because of lack of self-esteem to perform that certain work. If we do not have the confidence to complete a certain task then we tend to avoid it. We even try to run away from that certain work rather than completing it on time if we lack the self-confidence to do that work. One must convince themselves that he/she is capable of doing their work effectively. Lacking confidence discourage people and makes them unable to do anything.

5.  Underestimating Time and Schedule: 

 If your schedule or timing does not work as per your wish then it might discourage you and make you dull. Don’t you think it is really irritating? For example, you are given a task by your boss to complete it within two weeks and it is very important but you were unable to complete it. What will you think? Either you will feel like pressurized or you will take that work as your headache, from there procrastination will take place in your mentality and you will start to lose your attention from your work. So never underestimate the time and your schedule. Do everything timely and never procrastinate to perform your work.

Think “It is better to do a thing than wish it to be done” and stay out of procrastination.