White Hair. What causes it?

             White hair is the most common problem of people from young to old. Old being with white hair is understandable but for young, it makes them look old, aged. Some has heredity - some has due to certain accident and some dye out their hair grey.

common causes of white hair

  • Genetics

                       genes are the predominant factor in determining at what age hair loses its pigment for some people, it can happen even before they turn 20. For others, the first strands of white appear late. And the worst part about it is you can do nothing about it.

  • Deficiency of melanin

                             Most of the cases whitening of hair is due to deficiency of melanin, a naturally  occuring pigment in human body that provides the hair its black color. The production of melanin depends upon appropriate nutrition and protein supplements. Lack of those nutrients causes melanin to fall below the acceptable level. In people with albinism, they have white hair because they lack melanin in their body.

  • Medical conditions

                                   Certain medical problems can trigger a loss of pigment in your hair. They include a deficiency of vitamin B12 or problems with the thyroid and pituitary glands. Even some medications can cause your hair to turn white.

  • Hormones

                   Hormones are the chemical substances that regulate the normal body metabolism. Hormones have a huge impact on the pigment of hair. An imbalance can cause your hair to turn white.


  • Extrinsic factors

                   Changes to your hair colour can occur due to external factors such as climate. Pollution and exposure to certain chemicals. This speeds up the aging process.


  • Stress

                            Stress caused by hectic scheduled workers is a major cause of premature greying along with excessive intake of alcohol and junk food.


  • Chemical  hair products

                            In some cases usage of chemical based shampoos, soap, hair dyes, etc may directly cause this problem. However, it can result from some allergic infection as well.


  • Other causes
  1. Studies shows that smoking can cause to early growth of white hair (as well as between smoking and male baldness) smoking may cause premature graying when compared to non smokers in the study, smokers were at a four times higher risk of graying prematurely.
  2. Some research has suggested a connection between premature graying and lower bone density later in life. Level of bone density is totally related to activity level. Weight, height, ethnicity it’s not really related to hair or the things controlling the colour of your hair.
  3. Protein content of the diet of poorer people is often very low and it is children who are affected because their need to protein is relatively high due their growth.
  4. Some autoimmune and genetic conditions are associated with premature graying, including vitiligo, Werner syndrome, alopecia areata – which causes only the coloured hairs to fall out and look like the hair turned white overnight.
  5. Mental worries and stress. Anxiety, fear and tensions adversely affect the scalp and hair root. Stress is also considered a culprit when it comes to premature graying. Stress, overburdening oneself and anxiety can also cause early aging.
  6. Washing hair with hot water often leads to graying of hair.
  7. Excess use of hair dyes, drying hair with electric dryer also causes premature graying of hair.
  8. Ethnicity also makes a difference Caucasians ten to go grey earlier and redheads earliest of all, then Asians, then Americans, Africans.