White hair and its seven scientific reasons why your hair is going white?

Hair is something everyone is serious about. from the ancient time, hair carries a lot of significance. from daily life to extracurricular activities, hair is something we all care about. different hairstyles have become a fashion statement in this generation. with different hair products available in the market from conditioner to different hair colors, a lot of us is still suffering from the problem of white hair. you may have tried all the methods from different medications to even dyeing the hair. but unfortunately, none works. but what we must know is what is causing your hair to go white. unless you find the reason behind the whitening of hair, there is a rare chance you might revert your white hair back to its normal color and texture. so after a lot of research, here we present you some scientific reasons that are causing your beautiful hair to go white.

1. Aging:

in our body, there are pigments called melanin. they are present in the skin and hair. this is the pigment that gives color to the skin and the hair. everyone has melanin in their body except some genetic conditions like albinism. with growing age, our body metabolism slows down and a lot of hormones and enzymes decrease. similar is the case with melanin. with old age, the melanin pigments in our body start to decrease. this is the reason why in a lot of old people, their hair goes white. for this, there is no cure except dyeing your hair into your favorite color.

2. Genetics:

Genes are something you can't choose or you can't run away from. you inherit as a compulsory gift from your parents. if your parents have white hair from their childhood, then you might get the same. but sometimes the white hair traits might be recessive so, though your parents have naturally white hair from their childhood, you might not suffer from one but chances are your upcoming generations will surely have one. so, in simple words, if anyone in your family has white hair from their childhood then you might get the same. there is no cure for the genetic cause. what you can do is dye your hair to your favorite color.

3. Malnutrition:

Well, balanced diet containing all the micro and macro elements is required for the proper functioning of the body. recent research has shown nutrition deficiency to be one of the major cause of white hairs. like all the other cells of our body, melanocytes ( cells that produce melanin pigments which gives the color to the hair) also require a lot of elements like protein, vitamins, minerals, etc for their proper functioning. whenever there is a deficiency of protein, iron, vitamin b12, zinc in the body the melanin production in the body decreases ultimately resulting in white hair. so, think before you start dieting. if this is the cause, then start eating well-balanced diet add some vitamins and minerals supplements in your diet.

4. Drugs:

You might be thinking, what the f**k? yup, you are correct. different prescribed medications produce white hair as a side effect. different anti- depression drugs, anti- malarial drugs and a lot of antibiotics can cause white hair. if you are on any kind of medications and the white hair problem has started after using the medications, then its better to consult your doctor.

5. Chemicals:

Different chemicals present in the hair products like shampoo, conditioner, bleach can affect your hair adversely rather than care the hair. one of the common cause of white hair in the majority of people is the hair products itself. so, check your hair products carefully before using them again.

6. Different disease:

A lot of diseases can cause your hair to go white as the disease process affects the metabolism of the cells as well as cause an alteration in the hormones and enzymes. different diseases like eczema, anemia, thyroid disorders, can cause early whitening of hair.

7. Stress and depression:

Stress and depression have become so common in our generation that every 1 out of 3 people is suffering from stress. though the mechanism why stress and depression cause white hair have not been clear yet, research has shown that people suffering from stress and depression tend to have white hair early.