Urinary Tract Infections: (7 common personal habits that are causing urinary tract infections (UTI)

We all have different habits. Habits are our behavior that we have been doing repeatedly for a long period of time. There are some bad habits and some good habits. Some we have been doing knowingly thinking it is right but actually it’s a big mistake. Here we will be talking about such habits that we have been doing every day of our life and those are the things that are affecting our health unknowingly.

So, here we present you some common habits that are causing urinary tract infection or UTI.

Not drinking enough water

We all have been hearing all our life “ drink 8 glasses of water daily”. But guess what, have we been following it? Are we drinking the required amount? Well, for a lot of us the answer if big no. drinking 2-3 litres of water per day causes increased frequency of micturition which can help in flushing out all the harmful germs from our urinary tract preventing urinary tract infection. so, think about how much water you are drinking daily.

Unprotected sex

Everyone knows unprotected sex can cause STD or sexually transmitted disease but wait that’s not the only thing. It can also cause urinary tract infection. if your partner is suffering from urinary tract infection, there are high chances of getting one. So always have protected safe sex to avoid STD’s and UTI plus unnecessary pregnancy. So, don’t forget the condom next time.

Diabetes not under control

Diabetes is a condition where there is hyperglycemia or simply increased glucose levels in the body which can lead to different organ damage. in those suffering from diabetes , whenever the diabetes is not under control all the excess glucose is filtered and removed from the urinary tract. Since, bacteria finds glucose in the urinary tract, they start growing and multiplying there causing urinary tract infection.


Dehydration occurs as result of hot weather, physical exercises where there is excess loss of fluid from the body in the form of sweat. Dehydration leads to decreased frequency of urination as a result of which proper flushing of the urinary tract is not done. So, bacteria’s start replicating in the tract causing infection.

Not cleaning the vagina the right way

This is one of the commonest cause of urinary tract infection (UTI) in females. Since urethra and anus are located closer in female, there are high chances that germs from anus is transferred manually to vagina due to improper cleaning technique. While cleaning your vagina , always clean from front to back not from back to front. What I mean by that is , swipe the tissue from vagina to anus not from anus to vagina.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills are nothing but artificial hormones like estrogen, progesterones, etc. Regular use of any birth control can cause hormonal imbalance leading to dysbacteriosis of the vaginal flora. Like we have good bacterias in the gut, we also have good bacteria’s in the vagina too which prevents the bad bacteria from entering. Continuous long term use of birth control pills can decrease the amount of good flora making the urinary tract and vagina susceptible for the bad bacteria.