Top 11 reasons why you are unable to sleep.

"You are already in your bed for more than an hour trying to get some good sleep but you are still unable to sleep." This is a very common situation for most of the people nowadays. but only less of them know that sleep deprivation doesn't only affect the next day performance, but it affects the overall health. 

This type of sleep deprivation is known as insomia. This is a very common sleep disorder nowadays.

Insomnia can be of two types acute and chronic. Acute is a short term insomnia which can last only for few days or week. Generally acute insomnia is caused due to traumatic events, family pressure and stress at work.

Chronic insomnia is long term which lasts for more than a month or longer. The chronic insomnia is caused due to medicines, sleep disorder and certain medical conditions.

Here are some of the reasons why you can't sleep properly. Try to get rid of these factors and live a healthy life so, you won't have to suffer from sleepless nights anymore.

1. Stress

stress not only causes mental and physical damage to your health, but it is one of the major cause of sleep deprivation. Stressfull events, family pressures and work stress causes insomnia. You should better learn to cope with stress full situation and be positive to avoid stress. 

2 Anxiety

 Daily anxieties are also the reason for insomnia. Excess worrying about future or thinking about past makes hard to fall asleep. Also worrying about being able to fall asleep can make it harder to fall asleep.

3. Depression

 Another main reason that can cause insomnia is depression. The psychological state of your mind can also have major effect on having problem of insomnia.  Psychological instability can also makes it hard to fall to sleep and can bring changes in mood too.

4. Medical Conditions

  many medical conditions can cause insomnia.  For example gastrointestinal problem, neurological condition, chronic pain, low back pain, breathing difficulty, frequently urinating etc causes insomnia. 

5. Change in work schedule

 Working lately or very early can disrupt your body’s schedule which is known as circadian. Circadian acts as an internal clock of our body. Due to over work our circadian gets disrupt and make it difficult to sleep. 

6. Poor sleep 

Insomnia is also caused due to poor sleeping habit. Poor sleeping can also cause if you have uncomfortable sleeping environment, using sleeping bed for other activities rather than sleeping or if you have irregular sleeping schedule. 

7. Eating too much in late evening

If you eat light snacks before bedtime is okay but if you eat too much before bedtime causes physically uncomfortable and making it difficult to sleep.

8. Smoking cigarattes

 I think there's noone who doesn't know the health effects of smoking cigarettes. apart from all the other toxic substances, nicotine in the cigarettes is one major factor that causes sleep deprivation. if you are smoker, then it might be time rethinking about smoking.

9. drinking too much alcohol and drinks containing caffeine

coffee, energy drinks, tea and other drinks contains caffeine. Drinking drinks containing caffeine or alcohol at late noon or at evening can deprive you from getting proper sleep. It affects your sleep by affecting the centers in the brain that regualte the sleep.

10. Ageing

 After certain age or due to ageing people cannot sleep or it feels hard for them to sleep. This is because with growing age, a lot of hormonal changes occur in our body. these kind of hormonal changes causes insomnia in the person.

11. Medications 

Some prescription medications can cause insomnia as a side effect. Some of the medication includes certain antidepressants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for high blood pressuse, epilepsy medicine etc. if you think you are suffering from insomnia due to use of drugs, it might be better to consult your doctor and get insomnia free prescription.