Sports hernia or athletic pubalgia signs and symptoms

Sports hernia also known as Athletic Pubalgia is not an actual hernia. unlike an actual hernia where any internal organs protrude out through the weak places in the abdominal wall, a sports hernia is strain or tear of a soft tissue such as muscle, tendon or any ligament that usually occur in the lower abdominal region or in the groin area.

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Sports hernia is a very painful condition and occurs commonly due to over twisting and stretching of the muscles. since it is generally seen in athletes, it is also called as sportsmen hernia.

Signs and symptoms of sports hernia or athletic pubalgia:

Pain in groin region:

There is severe pain in groin region associated with any movements, stretching, twisting. the pain can also radiate to the scrotum in males and to the lower abdomen. the pain affects only one side depending on the side of the injury. in runners, the pain gradually occurs.

Pain while coughing or sneezing:

If you are suffering from sports hernia or athletic pubalgia, then you might experience pain in the groin region while coughing or sneezing.

Tenderness in the groin area:

you might experience tenderness and stiffness in the groin area during physical training. it not only limits your performance but also leads to further aggravation of pain if training is not stopped immediately.

Dull pain in lower abdomen for a long period of time:

sometimes, the pain is dull that remains unnoticed for a long period of time. though there are many causes of lower abdominal pain, sports hernia could be one of the cause. 

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No swelling or any bulging out:

if you are suffering from pain in the groin, scrotum or lower abdomen and you can feel a mass or bulge out, then you must urgently seek medical attention. since sports hernia doesn't produce any bulging, it could be due to an actual hernia.

Sports hernia can lead to an actual hernia if left untreated.