Side effects of hair transplant you must know.

Hair transplantation is the surgical method that moves hair follicles from a part of the body to a bald or balding part of the body. Part from where hair follicles are moved is called “donor part” and where it is implanted in the bald or balding part is called as “recipient part”. Hair transplantation is also done in eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, and pubic hair and also to fill those scar parts which is caused by an accident or surgeries like face lift or previous transplants.

For a cure there you have to suffer a little or sometimes in some case more too. Hair transplantation will give u relax about your better hair but it also has many side effects of transplantation too. For any people dealing with hair loss issues, hair transplantation is the answer to gain back that self confidence; it’s a fairly easy procedure but also has complication and side effects. Side effects are


After surgery, there is chance of some bleeding, but after applying some pressure on that area will usually stop bleeding but rarely in some situations, bleeding may not stop so surgeon will do some extra stitching to close that bleeding wounds.


There is little pain with actual hair transplant surgery, half people after hair transplant will not need any pain relievers at all. But for some due to pain, they are prescribed mild pain reliever like Tylenol just for few days and that is enough for them to get free from pain.


After a surgery of hair transplantation, you will notice that your hair is getting thinner day by day. That will make you so much upset but after few months only your hair will start to be thick.


Swelling over forehead and eyes

People who has hair surgery will face swelling over forehead and around eyes too after 4 to 5 days after the surgery but it will disappear after few days or weeks. In some cases, some people may experience black eye too.


People after hair transplant surgery will complain for numbness over head. It lasts for several weeks after the surgery and disappear slowly as good circulation starts.


Rarely people have this problem of hiccups. People complain of hiccups after the surgery and it makes troubles for many peoples. It lasts for few days as it can keep you from eating or sleeping well. If it does not subside properly then doctors prescribe for some medications to be free from it.


This is also a rare side effect of hair transplantation surgery. Pre operative and post operative antibiotics are prescribed for people to prevent from infections so you need not worry for these things. This rarely happens to people.


This can appear at the recipient area of transplantation. They only lasts for few weeks.