Middle back pain

First of all you must be clear where exactly is your middle back pain and where it is located in your body. I am sure you must be familiar with back pain but not sure whether its middle back or not.

Middle back is your body part between the lower parts of your neck to your rib cage known as thoracic spine which is combination of nerves, vessels, vertebrae, discs, ligaments and muscles. This part is very sensitive to stress and injury. Most importantly thoracic spine supports ribcage to protect body organs.


Back pain ranges from whole back to specific area of your back. Some of back pain are tolerable and limited where no treatment is required but sometime it can be severe and causes trouble in your daily life if not prepared in the nick of a time. It can occur due to collapsing of vertebra and muscle strain and also by rare diseases. 


Back pain can occur due to many reason but middle back have different issues because middle back area works as a shock absorber so it may fell immense amount of stress. Another main causes are muscular irritation, accident, poor posture and lack of strength.


If you have pain between below neck to ribs it is Middle back pain. The most common symptom is pain near spine. You may also feel weakened legs and loss of bladder control which is required to be diagnosed. 

There may be chronic pain in upper back due to compression fracture. You may feel the burning sensation and sometime pain in pleura, lungs and ever cardiac. These are some common symptoms and middle back do not have specific symptoms. You need to go to professionals if these signs occur to you.

But back pain may occur also due to depression, anxiety, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, fractures, pinched nerves, myofascial pain, scoliosis and cancer.

When to go to professionals

You can always see the professionals if you are discomfort in any situation and any irregularities are there or you can also treat yourself at home. But I suggest you to go to the professionals if your everyday activities are disturbed.

If you have the condition like chest pain, chronic jaw pain, trouble in respiration and loss of control of your limbs then you must immediately visit doctor.

What to do at home

You can only do home remedies if your pain is tolerable and not severe.
First thing you can do is stay active because if you are in inactive situation then pain may grow and get worse. You can do a little walk and some light exercises.

Make yoga your daily routine to keep your muscle stretched and not tensed. You can go to yoga classes or download videos from you tube and practice. There are always videos for beginners.

You have to stay positive all the time. IF you are depressed and sad then it can increase your pain. You can visit your family or friends and laugh and save the day. You can also do meditation to keep you mind and body calm.

Preventing middle back pain

  1. The best way to prevent back pain is to regularly exercise and maintain your diet with nutritious food and believe me prevention is the best method of treatment. You have to engage in the activities like yoga and maintain your proper position. Keep stretching your body time to time.
  2. Stand as much as you can in proper posture. Walk if you have time with friends.
  3. Do not carry huge weight at once if you cannot. If you have to carry then you have to pick it up slowly and in proper position.
  4. Drive your car in straight position but not bending for a long time.
  5. If you have gained inappropriate weight then you should lose some weight because it can be you major problem.
  6. You do not do activities which can cause your muscle to strain. You must avoid sudden movements but stay active throughout the day.
  7. Your shoes should be comfortable. I will suggest you to wear flat shoes with soft soles.