Marijuana vs Cigarettes. which one you think is worse?


There has always been contradiction among people and researchers regarding which one is worse Marijuana or Cigarettes. In this article, we are going to shed some light on this contradiction and clear doubts of many people with logical answers depending on different facts and sources.


Let us know (What is Marijuana? and What is Cigarette?)

Marijuana is dried form of a plant called Cannabis sativa. When the dried leaves and flower of this plant is mixed together then it is known as marijuana. Marijuana has many names such as; weed, pot, ganja etc. It is used for many purposes. Some people use it for its medicinal purpose while some use it for recreational purpose as it contains the intoxicating chemical called delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC). There are more than 500 chemicals and many more compounds found in this plant.

On the other hand, Cigarette is a cylindrically shaped paper roll which is packed with tobacco leaves and it is used for smoking. Its smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals which include 43 carcinogenic compounds (Cancer-causing compounds) and it contains many harmful toxins. People get addicted to cigarettes faster than marijuana but both of them are not considered good if they are consumed for recreational purpose.


Marijuana vs Cigarette. Why Marijuana Is Better Than Cigarettes??

Whether we intake tobacco or whether we smoke marijuana smoke is always harmful to our lungs and heart. But marijuana has many plus points in comparison to the cigarette as it is not necessary that marijuana has to be smoked. We can consume it by eating in a limited amount of some food as we can find marijuana in foods such as- candies, brownies etc. We can even consume it by vaporizing. And research has also shown that smoking marijuana is not so harmful to our lungs if we compare it with smoking cigarette.


We do not support marijuana or cigarette users who use it for entertainment purpose but if marijuana is consumed in a limited amount and especially consumed without smoking then it will provide you many health benefits which smoking a cigarette (tobacco) can never provide.


Following are some points to make you clear about health benefits of marijuana in comparison to cigarette:


1.  Marijuana ( Cannabis) can be consumed in other ways rather than smoking (But it should be consumed or used in a small and limited amount just for medicinal purpose)

As we have already mentioned above marijuana can be consumed in a limited amount by eating it with foods, it can be vaporized and it can also be used in the form of tonics. We do not have to fill up our lungs by smoke and invite diseases by smoking cigarettes instead we can use cannabis in many other healthy ways. The main thing we should be careful about is its quantity. Its quantity must be very limited as it should not be an overdose or it should not be used for other recreational purposes.


2.  Unlike cigarettes, marijuana can reduce the pace of cancer cells from spreading and even stop it

Research has shown that whether it’s breast cancer, whether it's lung cancer or whether its other cancers spreading of all the harmful cancer cells can be reduced with the help of cannabis. Cigarette contains nicotine which promotes cancer cells but cannabis does not contain nicotine. There are other advantages of using cannabis for reducing the growth of cancer cells.


3.  It can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

THC chemical which can be found in cannabis is very effective to fight against Alzheimer’s. In Alzheimer’s disease, our brain cells are harmed by Amyloid plaques whose formation can be slowed by the THC chemical of cannabis.


4.  Helpful in Arthritis

Researchers have found that use of marijuana helped arthritis patients get relieve from inflammation and constant pain. It also helped them sleep properly. After some weeks, the patients felt far better with medication of cannabis than any other medications.


5.  Decreases Anxiety and Depression:

Cannabis can be very effective to relief anxiety and it can even help people to fight against depression. But we should be careful about its quantity and we can even take help of a specialist who can guide us in healing process of our sickness with the use of marijuana.



From this article, we came to conclusion that cigarette can be regarded worst in comparison to marijuana. But yes we do have to use marijuana for medicinal purpose rather than for recreational purpose. Excess of anything is dangerous.