How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet?

Do you have a problem of smelly feet? I guess you have because that's why you are here. But after reading this you shall be dancing on your clean feet. In this session you are going to get all your answers.

There is not a single person in this world who hasn't suffered a problem of smelly feet in their life. So let's take it as a normal phenomenon but we couldn't tolerate any smelly feet around us. Can we? The medical term for this problem is bromodosis or (eccrine bromhidrosis).

Anybody can be victim of this problem but teens, pregnant women, old people, heart and diabetic patient have high chances because of stress and high perspiration which is number one reason to get smelly feet. Our feet and shoes contains hundreds of thousands of bacteria feeding on our sweats and producing acid and making it smell. According to Japanese study it is completely natural process and we can reduce it by doing following thing.    

Wash Your Feet Properly

Washing your feet doesn't means just getting your feet wet. To get rid of odor you should use anti-bacterial soap and wash whole feet thoroughly and don't forget to clean the nails and between finger. After that dry your feet with a clean towel and use some powder. You should repeat the process every day to ensure clean and aromatic feet.

Soak Your Feet in Salt Water

If you can maintain time for hygiene then you probably should arrange ten minutes for this process. You require half cup of kosher salt to pour it in a half a bucket of warm water. Then dip your feet in the solution for ten minutes or more according to your choice. You need to repeat this technique repeatedly every day if your feet smells a lot.

The Tea Technique

Tea can be very helpful to prevent from smelly feet. You should boil 3 tea bags in a quart of water. After boiling it you should add a water to cool it down and dip your feet in it for fifteen minutes. This process will be very effective to keep your feet healthy by killing harmful germs.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is inhospitable for bacteria so if you add some vinegar in water and soak your feet then you are helping your feet to be healthy.

Buy Healthy Shoes and Socks

By Healthy shoes and socks I mean those which allow the inflow of air. Now a days we can easily get these items made up of natural materials and provide ventilation which helps to prevent from perspiration which ultimately leads to healthy feet. I suggest you cotton and canvas shoes.

Rotate and Change socks

If you don't have the habit of rotating your socks then it is a problem. I suggest you have more than two pair of socks which you can wear and wash in every couple of days. Same applies for shoes but you don't have to wash your shoes in every couple of days. Make this habit of changing your shoes and socks when it gets old. And always keep them dry.


Powder is one of the best way to absorb moisture and also giver nice aroma. You can use baby powder, talcum powder, corn starch and baking soda.

See a Doctor

If you have already tried all above mentioned techniques and remedies but still not getting rid of foul smell on your feet then it is time for you to get professional help. In such cases you need medication for excessive sweating or whatever your real problem is. Sometime people with low immunity, diabetic and heart patient are more prone to this condition so I suggest you to do regular check-ups and stay healthy.

I hope you find this useful. Try these and say bye to your smelly feet. You don't need to get embarrassed any more.