Home Remedies For Headache Behind Eyes (Retro-ocular Headache)

Though retroocular headaches or simply headache behind eyes can be caused by different diseases and medical conditions, the initial management of the pain can be done by yourself at home. Yes, you heard it right. The initial management to relieve pain can be done at home before getting any medical help.

Sometimes, there can be situations when you can't get emergency medical help at the time of headaches. In such cases, you can manage the headache and control your pain by yourself following the remedies are given below. Although this kind of management doesn't cure the cause of a headache, it can make a great difference until you receive a proper medical help. So, here we present you some remedies of the headache behind eyes:


1. Stay away from bright lights.

When you are suffering from a headache, it's better to stay from the bright lights. As the bright lights can cause irritation of the nervous centers leading to further increase in headache. So, close all the curtains in your room, if there is bright sun shining outside. Close all the lights in your room and give some rest to your eyes.


2. Compression.

Wrap any scarf around your head or you can put a woolen cap. Though the mechanism of its action is not clearly understood, research has shown that it increases the rate of recovery of a headache in half of the individuals. But be careful, don't wrap it too tightly as it can cause further complications.


3. Give a massage to your head.

You can apply different herbal balms around your forehead and give a little massage to your forehead. There are even different ayurvedic balms available in the market that relieves a headache and notes that Ayurvedic medicines don't have any side effects. So, it's better to keep any one of those ayurvedic balms at home for urgent situations. If you have a company together, then they can massage your head too. But be gentle, don’t overdo it.


4. Heat packs or ice packs.

Though  the choice of use of hot packs or ice packs are different among different people. They help reduce headache by changing the blood supply. Heat will cause vasodilation while cold will cause vasoconstriction. Choose what suits you the best. But be careful, don't put it over the eyes directly, put it in the forehead. And most importantly, don't put it for a long time. Also, don't burn your head by using too hot water.


5. Drink hot tea or coffee.

Everyone knows coffee contains caffeine and they act on your brain receptors. Tea also contains different chemicals that act on your brain receptors. It’s better to use herbal tea together with rosemary.


6. Increase your fluid intake.

Well, it's always good to drink an adequate amount of fluid for your body. Fluid rehydrates your body and stabilizes your blood circulation. Drink enough water, hot soups, fruit juices.


7. Ginger and turmeric.

Boil hot water with ginger and turmeric powder with a little bit of salt. Ginger and turmeric were even used as medicines for treating different diseases in ancient times too. They have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the pain.


8. Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is very effective in treating different types of a headache. The action of acupuncture can be explained by gating theory. Acupuncture inhibits the pain impulses in the nerves decreasing the headache. So, give a visit to to an acupuncture practitioner.


9. Herbal options.

There are different types of herbs that can reduce the headache. They have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Some of the herbs that you can use are cloves, rosemary, peppermint , basil, lavender, etc. they are also available in the forms of oil.


10. Over the counter drugs.

Different over the counter medications can be used to relieve a headache. They act by blocking the chemical mediators causing the pain. Some of the commonly used drugs are paracetamol, ibuprofen, diclofenac, etc. But be careful don’t use more than the recommended dose and keep away from the reach of children.