False pregnancy; causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

False pregnancy is a rare condition in which a woman(even a man) lives under the impression that she is pregnant and but actually she is not. still, the nowadays lot of women suffer from such kind of problem.in such cases, a woman undergoes similar bodily changes as those of the pregnant ones. This kind of false changes occurs due to the change in the hormonal status of the body.

false pregnancy is also known with a lot of names such as phantom pregnancy or hysterical pregnancy and medically this kind of condition is called as pseudocyesis. the people suffering from pseudocyesis would also have undergone all the stages of pregnancy like that of the normal pregnant women.

What causes false pregnancy/pseudocyesis?

different studies have shown pseudocyesis to be a psychological disorder. it is generally seen in those without babies and has a bigger desire to get pregnant and have one. when a woman undergoes continuous miscarriage pregnancy or any kind of infertility problem or when their menses stop. they want to get pregnant. in this time, her body starts to show the signs of false pregnancy. then her brain starts interpreting the pregnancy signs as if real pregnancy signs. so, different hormones are released from the brain such as estrogen and prolactin which in turn show the signs of real pregnacny even though the fetus is absent.so, that is why false pregnancy is difficult to differenttiate from that of real pregnancy with any medical help.

What are the symptoms of false pregnancy?

Women suffering from false pregnancy shows signs and symptoms similar to that of pregnant ones such as:

  • Morning sickness
  • Enlarged and engorged breasts
  • Weight gain
  • Menstrual cycle ceases
  • Feeling of fetal movements(even though there is no fetus)
  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Softening of uterus
  • These symptoms may last for few weeks to few months and they even undergo all the stages of pregnancy.

How to diagnose false pregnancy?

those women suffering from false pregnancy come to visit doctor usually with a complain of labor pain. to diagnose a women with false pregnancy, the docotor will evaluate her symptoms and and take her past history. the confirmatory test for false pregnancy is abdominal ultrasound where it shows that fetus is absent. ultrasound is regularly harmless procedure done in all the pregnant women. urine pregnancy test can also be used to determine whether she is actually pregnant or not.

What is the cure for false pregnancy?

since, false pregnancy is not any kind of disease but it is a psychological  mental condition. after knowing that the person is not pregnant whe might undergo much more stress. so, psychological counselling and family support is the only cure for false pregnancy.