Brand Name: Coumadin, Jantoven
Generic Name: Warfarin

About warfarin

Warfarin is one of the several anticoagulant drug which is used in thinning of blood. Sometimes in different diseases and conditions , blood  tends to form clot (materials stick together) inside blood vessels in our body which leads to blockage of blood flow in different parts of our body. These clots can be very dangerous especially if they occur in the blood vessels of heart (coronary arteries), blood vessels of the brain (cranial vessels), major arteries of the body.

The concept of anticoagulant was discovered in early 19th century. Earlier warfarin was used to poison rat. Later in 1954 warfarin was approved for medical practice and has remained popular ever since.

How is warfarin used?

Warfarin is available in market only in tablets  and injections under different brand names such as coumadin, jantoven, etc.

Oral tablets are widely used. Injections are usually used if cannot be used orally or in emergency situation. 

Warfarin can only be used under the prescription of doctors or health professionals. Warfarin is not over the counter drug since it should be used very carefully. Do  not stop taking warfarin unless told by the doctor. 

Warfarin should be taken at the same time everyday for the whole duration.

How does warfarin work?

Warfarin works by suppressing production of different proteins and factors by the liver which helps in coagulation and formation of clots. 

Whenever a preexisting clot is lodged off from any vessels, then it may roam around  the circulation and also lodge in some other blood vessels of the various organs such as lungs, heart, brain blocking  further blood supply causing very serious problems. So, warfarin helps to prevent these conditions.