Brand Name: cisplastin, cisplast, platinex, cismaplat, platamin, neoplatin, cisplatinum
Generic Name: Cisplastin

About cisplastin


Each year, the number of people suffering from cancer and death due to cancer is increasing. Cancer is one of the most leading causes of death in the world. The most common reason for mortality due to cancer is due to its late diagnosis. If cancer is diagnosed early there is very high chances that it can be cured.

Recently, the treatment option for cancer includes chemotherapy (use of different anti-cancer drugs) and radiotherapy (use of radioactive waves such as x-ray, gamma rays to kill the neoplastic cells).

Among different anti-cancer drugs available in the market, cisplastin is one of the most effective anti-cancer drug.

What is cisplastin?

Cisplastin is a cancer medication (also called anti-neoplastic or cytotoxic drug) which is used for the treatment of different kinds of cancer. It belongs to the class of platinum containing anti-cancer agents. 

Cisplastin is an anti-cancer drug that is known to cure testicular cancer after it was discovered.

cisplastin was an accidental discovery by dr. Rosenberg and his friends which turned out to be beneficial for the treatment of  deadly cancer.

Cisplastin is a FDA approved drug for treatment and curing of different cancer like ovarian cancer, testicular cancer and others.

Forms of cisplastin

Cisplastin is available in solution till now. Cisplastin  can be taken only through injection.

Cisplastin is used only for cancer so it should be used only under doctor’s prescription. Cisplastin is undoubtly not an over the counter (OTC) drug. Cisplastin is taken only at hospital, clinic or health care centre.

How does cisplastin work?

Cisplastin was the first drug of platinum containing complexes that is known to cure and treat different types of cancer and solid tumors like lungs, bladder, head, neck and others.

Cancer cells has uncontrolled cell division. Cisplastin as a platinum containing chemotherapeutic agent works by causing cross-linking of the DNA that promotes apoptosis (programmed cell death). This way cancer cells shrinks. Cisplastin is a very potential drug with many side effects too.

How to use cisplastin?

  • Cisplastin should only be used as directed by doctor.
  • cisplastin injection is given only at hospital, clinic or health center.
  • keep the syringe and needle in the safest place out of reach of the children.
  • cisplastin is clear to light yellow in colour. Do not use this drug if it has different colour.
  • Good hydration is needed to keep your kidney in a good functioning state and protect it from damage.