Avoid this 10 fooding habits and stay healthy.

We all know that eating properly is not an easy task, especially when you do not have fixed schedules to enjoy your foods at the right time. It is common to eat at odd times and eating the first thing we find on our way, but these bad habits can bring serious problems to our health. Unfortunately acquiring bad eating habits is easier than we think; indeed, many of us don’t realize that our eating habits are wrong and that will bring consequences to our health.

But only not to eat at the wrong time is bad, there are other habits that also affect us significantly.In order to stay healthy, you must know the 10 bad eating habits you should avoid:

1. Not drinking enough water

      Your body needs at least two liters of water a day. We must drink it at any time of day, we shouldn’t wait to be thirsty to do it. Surely you know that water is necessary to achieve the proper functioning of the body, cleansing it of toxins and impurities and accelerate the metabolism, which will help you maintain a healthy weight. If you have the bad habit of drinking a little water, your metabolism slows down and your weight will increase leading you towards overweight and obesity.

2. Drinking plenty of soda, including dietetic ones

These kind of drinks contain a lot of sugar, although many of them are "light" it’s not good to abuse them.

3. Snacking

    Eating between meals can be very counterproductive because it’s usual to consume the famous snacks, leading to an inevitable weight gain. Sometimes we insist on eating less than what the body asks us and thinking that we’re doing the right thing and in the end, what happens is that we go hungry at all hours and end up attacking the fridge and eating the first thing we find.

4. Skiping breakfast

    Not having breakfast in the morning is a bad eating habit, because you will not give your body the energy to face the day and all the things you have ahead. Furthermore, this disorder will make you eat more during lunch, which will contribute to weight gain.

   As the first meal, breakfast is very important. It should contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins. We can not skip or deny to our body the vitamins we need to face a working day.

 5. Abusing ‘‘light’’ foods

    While a low-calorie meal can help you lose weight, eating big amounts of it can become a bad eating habit, since you will only gain weight which can lead to obesity and with the consequent diseases that it brings.

It’s true that this type of food has a lower percentage of calories than normal, but that does not mean they do not fatten. The logical thing is to consume light products in the same way as we would if they were not.

6. Drinking alcohol 

 In addition to the health problems that drinking a lot of alcohol can cause, it also has a lot of calories, so it will make you gain weight.

7. Not having some variety in our diet

   Our diet should contain all kinds of food, vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy. You can not abuse with some foods and stop eating others, it’s not healthy.

    Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of minerals and vitamins needed for optimal development of the organism. Eating only meat, eggs and dairy and overlooking the vegetables will not give your body the nutrients needed to develop properly and you’ll probably suffer deficiencies that can severely damage your health.

8. Eating too fast

    When you sit down to eat and ingest your food slowly, satiety signals take about 20 minutes to reach the brain, however if you do it quickly and you don’t give the opportunity to your brain to tell your body that it’s enough and already satisfied, you will end up eating more than necessary. The rush is nothing good at lunchtime. If we eat fast, because of the rush we will be eating more than our body needs. You have to chew and eat slowly to aid digestion. 

 9. Abusing fast foods

   It’s never good that fast foods become a part of our daily menu. It doesn’t have all the nutrients that your body actually needs, and it will also help you gain a lot of weigh if you make it part of your eating habits.

10. Being guided by fake food myths -

it is believed to wholemeal bread less fattening than white bread. The reality is that both have the same number of calories, the only thing is that the whole wheat bread has much more fiber. This one of the example of such food myths we are talking about. There are lot of such myths flying around us. so, please before following any such myth make sure that it is backed by science.