Are E-Cigarettes really Safe? Truth behind it

E-cigarettes are alternative sources of using tobacco and inhaling nicotine which is also known as Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS). There are other forms of E-cigarettes like e-hookah, e-cigars, e-pen and e-pipes. ENDS are highly popular among youths in present situation. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is highly concern about this because despite being the alternative source of smoking it can also create health issues to which the public are not aware. American Lung Association has also shown concern in this matter claiming that it can effect publics and children.

E-cigarettes users inhale the aerosol with nicotine and other chemicals. E-cigs contains e-liquid which can be re-filled which releases aerosol when heated by battery. E-liquid is the main component in e-cigs which is in cartridge. It is made by extracting the nicotine from tobacco mixed with propylene glycol and many other chemicals, color and flavors.

There are about 500 brands producing e-cigs and about 8000 flavors found in the market but they all without FDA evaluation which means public are unknown about its chemical and health hazards. Many people use e-cigs to get rid of smoking habit but does it really helps. Studies have shown that it contains many harmful chemicals which seriously effects health.

Now let's see what E-cigarettes really contains.


The most common substance for any kind of smoke is nicotine and all e-cigs contains nicotine even if they claim to be nicotine free. FDA research also shows that some of the e-cigs brand which claim to be nicotine free also containing nicotine. The e-liquid which are re-filled came to have more nicotine than the new ones. The e-cigs with higher voltage yields more nicotine than lower one and increases addiction.

According to U.S. General Surgeon nicotine exposure to the pregnant women can cause harm to fetus and long lasting effect to newborns. Nicotine effects the developing function of lungs and brain in newborn. Nicotine is considered hazardous for maternal health.

Nicotine also harms the developing brains of teenagers and causes the loss of memory and behavioral impairments.

Other Chemicals

Research and studies shows that it also contains the toxic chemicals which may leads to cancer. The level of harmful chemicals differs from brand to brand in e-liquid used by them. The Research of FDA shows that chemicals like formaldehyde and carcinogen are found in aerosol of some brands can cause cancer.

The flavors in the e-cigs also contains harmful chemicals. Usually the company claims that they are not harmful but they are providing you the false information.

Poisoning Concern

It's been found that e-cigs exposes the poison which is increasing and its users are unknowingly inhaling it. Evan inhaling large amount of nicotine may cause poisoning which causes nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

Does E-Cigarettes Helps to Quit Smoking?

All the companies producing e-cigs claim that it is the tool for quitting smoking habit but research and studies shows that it is ineffective. Most of the people who used e-cigs to quit smoking are still smoking the regular cigarettes which shows e-cigs are not helping. It has also been found that e-cigs emits as much nicotine as regular cigarettes which is not helping smokers to quit.

E-Cigarette and Youth

The youth using e-cigs are increasing every year because the brands are promoting it among youths. The different and unusual flavor are attracting them towards e-cigs and they can easily buy it. Even kids can buy it online but they need to be protected from hazards of nicotine.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

If you are thoroughly reading this article then I guess you have already figure out the answer to these question. Although many claim it to be harmless research shows that it is not safe to use it because of the chemicals used in e-liquid.

It is harmful to kids and general public and it emits as much nicotine as regular cigarettes. It do not help you to quit smoking instead gets you addicted. I suggest you not to use it.

The best way to quit smoking is to quit right now. Stay Healthy. Thank You.