9 Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Are you aware of a fact about the composition of water in our body? If not then it is high time to know about it. Around 60% of adult human body weight is water. As per different researches, lungs are composed of around 73% water, brain is composed of around 73% water, kidneys and muscles are composed 79% water, skin is made up of 64% water, also the bones has around 31% water.

 This fact indicates the importance of water and its significance to our body. From brain to feet, we need water as it is an essential part of human life because water helps in proper growth of the brain, it maintains our body temperature, produces new cells and there are many other benefits of water. People can live on water (by drinking water) nearly two months than that of living only on food which is not possible (without water). I hope this universal truth will help you know the importance of water for your health.

Normally, an adult male should drink about 3 liters of water per day while an adult female should drink about 2.2 liters to stay healthy. Also note that we get some water from the food we ingest. But when we do not drink plenty of water our body, it shows different signs. Some of the signs which shows that you are not drinking enough water are briefly mentioned below:


1)  Problem of dry and unhealthy skin:

Water hydrates our body and makes our skin glow. We might put lots of moisturizer on our skin but without drinking enough water our skin won’t be moisturized and dehydration causes dry and rough skin. Water helps to take out all the toxins of our body. To get clear complexion we should be properly hydrated and drink loads of water. If you have dull skin and breakouts in your face, it might just be happening due to lack of enough water in your body.


2)  You joint hurts

If your body lacks sufficient amount of water your joints will start to pain. Joints contain cartilage and synovial fluid which prevents the friction between the bones during motion. The cartilage and synovial fluid is largely composed of water. So, when your body is not getting enough amount of water, the production of synovial fluid will be largely affected and also the repair of the cartilages will be affected. It leads to the friction between the bones causing joint pain.

Also note that, water helps to remove toxins and uric acids from our body.So, drinking plenty amount of water can give relief to the people with arthritis.


3)  You will constantly fall sick:

 Water helps to remove all the harmful toxins of our body and it also helps in maintaining normal volume of fluid in the circulatory system. If the toxins present in the body are not flushed properly then it will make our immune system weak. If our immune system is weak it cannot fight with diseases and we will get sick time and again. Plus, the toxins accumulated in the body itself can make you sick. So, If you constantly get sick then the foremost reason might be dehydration.


4)  Feeling of tiredness.

 Research has shown that dehydration causes tiredness and it can make us feel lazy. When our body lacks water it starts to consume water from the circulation, which cause the decreased volume in circulation. so, our blood cannot reach all the places in the body and supply oxygen. All these causes fatigue and it can even make us feel dull.


5)  Indigestion and constipation.

When the digestive organs of our body cannot digest the food we eat we suffer from indigestion. Water helps to produce the right amount of mucus in our stomach which further helps to lessen the stomach acid and makes our food digest properly.  Our colon and intestines need water to soften the stool. If you are suffering from indigestion or constipation, it's main reason could be the lack of water in your body.


6)  Chances of Kidney Damage

  Kidney is the one of the main organs associated with eliminating toxic waste from our body in the form of urine. All the harmful chemical substances produced as a result of metabolism in body, toxins, bacterias are excreted by kidney in the form of urine through the urinary tract. Kidney filters the blood to eliminate all these toxic substances. water makes up large part of urine and also maintains the normal volume of blood. So, whenever there is lack of water in our body, it can lead to hypovolemia as a result of which the blood passing through the kidneys are reduced as well as the volume of urine is decreased. So, the amount of urine produced by kidney is diminished. As a result of which all the toxic substances gets accumulated. It causes kidney failure and kidney damage.

Also, drinking less amount of water can lead to formation of kidney stones. So, drink healthy amount of water and protect your kidney from being damaged.


7)  Urinary tract infections

As you already know that water helps to flush out all the harmul toxins and different germs and bacterias from our body. If you are not drinking enough amount of water, there will be high chances that you will suffer from urinary tract infection. During dehydration, the urine output is decreased, so the chances of flushing out the bacterias are very low. Plus the bacterias from urethra can migrate to urinary bladder. So, they start infecting your urinary bladder and urethras. Common signs of urinary tract infection are pain during urination, passage of white fluid in the urine, cloudy urine, painful urination, etc.

whenever you are not drinking enough water, your urine color changes to yellowish color. So, if your urine is yellow, its time to rehydrate your body properly and avoid the infection. 


8)  frequent headaches:

 Our brain need total 85% of water in order remain healthy and to function nicely. So, for better mental health we should drink lots of water. Drinking water can even reduce our temper and make us cool minded. If you constantly get headaches then one of the reasons could be the lack of enough amount of water in your body.


9)   Death can be one of the dangerous sign:  

As we know, lack of water in our body causes dehydration. You might not believe it but sometimes excessive dehydration can cause death. Especially our kidneys require sufficient amount of water. Dehydration causes hypovolemic shock which  causes failure of different organs of our body.  Though it is a rare case but it is so dangerous sign of not drinking enough water.